Sing Shore Bridge is the 2nd highest suspension bridge in Asia. It is just located 19 km from our resort premises at an altitude of 7500ft. Singshore Bridge; a 198 meter suspension bridge is located at a short distance of 5 km from Pelling. It is also the highest bridge of Sikkim and second highest gorge bridge in Asia. The Sing shore Bridge was built 16 years ago by connecting two hills. It is situated 25 km away from Pemayangtse Monastery. The government of Sikkim is likely to set Bungee jumping activities on the bridge, soon. Close to the bridge lies the Uttarey village, which falls near the Nepal boundary or commonly called as Chia Bhanjyang.
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The upcoming tourist spot in the western part of Sikkim has a magnificent command over the mountain views, sunrise and sunset, flora and fauna, village tourism, historical sites and heritage of Resum Monastery, rich forests and ample area for short treks.At an altitude of about 5576ft, Rinchenpong is the latest addition to the tourist map of West Sikkim. The place is famous for the beautiful view of the Kanchenjunga range of mountains. Apart from the natural beauty of the surroundings, the place is also quite significant from historical point of view.
New tourist spot Srijunga temple 65 feet high statue of Teyongsi Srijunga is under construction. This place is built up by the name of Guru Teyongsi Srijunga. Along with this, there is another constructing the Srijunga Study Centre where everyone can study & research about Guru Srijunga.
Chaaya taal lake is situated at west Sikkim. It is surroundings by virgin forest pine, walnut and oak. Vanjhakri Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall of Chaaya Taal Lake which is few minutes distance from Nature Hill Top Resort. It’s also known as Pheng Doje Falls. 
Khangchendzonga Festival celebrates in the winter season. Various types of activities like white-water rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking are offered in the festival for visitors.
Namchi Mahotsav is a unique traditional culture of Sikkim. It’s celebrates every year in the month of October.a unique festival showcasing the traditional culture of Sikkim. Stalls of ethnic handloom and handicrafts are put up along with tradition houses and traditional foods of the three indigenous communities.
On this day , Lord Buddha took birth, achieved enlightenment and attained nirvana. These festivals is celebrated as Saga Dawa Festival of Sikkim. A procession carries the holy books of the teachings of Buddha from the Tsuklakhang monastery. Saga Dawa is held on the full moon of the 4th month of the Buddhist calendar in the end of May or early June.
Hee Bermiok Tourism Development & Heritage Conservation Society, West Sikkim has been organizing Tourist Festival on ‘Heritage’ concept in May every year since 2005.The main feature of this festival is to showcase the rich cultural, traditional, natural, ethnic and religious heritage of our society. Started on 2005 and organized as a part of Khanchendonga tourist festival, the Society continued this in May 2006,to make this festival a regular feature of the Society. The society without any financial assistance from the Tourism Department has been organizing this, through local community participation.
Dentam is a scenic village located 10 km from Varsey in West Sikkim District. It lies at an elevation of around 1,500 m the entire area is surrounded by forest of rhododendrons. It’s situated only 10 km distance from Nature Hill Top Resort. The village is an ideal spot for trekkers, bird watchers and nature lovers. It is famous for the Alpine Gouda Cheese factory.
The Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary or Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is situated in Western Sikkim in Singalila Range forming a natural border with Nepal in The West. The sanctuary also borders the State West Bengal from Sikkim in the south by Rambong Khola stream. The entire sanctuary is spread over 104 km2, across the Singalila Range. The Varsey Sanctuary can be reached from our resort & if you are an adventure lover then the Everest Singalila trek covering the higher reaches of the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary can be your itinerary.
Best Time: March and April
Located about 19 km away from Nature Hill Top Resort, the Changay Waterfalls are at whopping height of 300 meters. The first view of the waterfalls is surprising and breathtaking, with a sudden glimpse of the rushing water. While descending, the waterfalls disappear into the abundant greenery surrounding the area, creating wonderful hues of green and white.Beautiful and gorgeous, the waterfalls are a must visit if you are in this scenic hill station. Not only are the falls in themselves popular, the old Dentam Market, across from here, is quite popular, making it a well-rounded trip to these majestic waterfalls.
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